Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How Alcohol Travels Through the Body

alcohol traveling through the body from Total DUI

Alcohol requires no digestion and is metabolized before many other nutrients. About 20% of the alcohol you drink passes through the stomach wall and can reach the brain within one minute.The remaining 80% passes through the small intestine before entering the bloodstream.

As Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) continues to rise, you begin to lose control of your cognitive functions and motor skills. Before you go drinking on an empty stomach, consider how alcohol travels through your body.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai Terror : An eye opener to India

Very unfortunate to write about this also when this wrting up after a long gap of one month. Despite being busy today cant stop my self to write about it. The mascares which i was closely wathcing on tv thrugh net along with work shows how much pain they were suffereing live there.
What they all wanna to do is still a no longer question with us, but in the style and manner they do is a strange how could it happen at the center of my country. Do we really remain Safe in our conutry or is it the same INDIA are we moving to become a republic like congo.
I pay My salute to all those fight at mumbai centre and pray for those who suffer from this Disaster.
May God no one will ever have to write up about such incident in future.
Amit Daga

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Week Long Holiday

Dear Readers,

This Blog will not get Daily Market outlook and other update for two weeks. I hope you will revisit this and find all interesting news, views and outlook very soon.

Amit Daga